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Many accidents with large commercial vehicles, like trucks and buses, can result in devastating injuries and fatalities. Trucks are often used for hauling dangerous chemicals and materials and can result in fires and chemical leaks, both of which are extremely painful and disfiguring.

One of the most severe injuries resulting from truck accidents is amputation. Amputations can occur as a result of a direct blow to the
body, or they can happen as a result of a collision with a passenger vehicle.

Burns is another type of injury that is common in truck accidents. These can be very painful and require the victim to stay in the
hospital for an extended period. In addition, burns may leave permanent scars.

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When looking for the best truck accident injury lawyers, you'll want to make sure you're not hiring someone who's only willing to talk to you for a fee.

It can be a major stressor during the
litigation process, and you don't want to
end up losing money or your case.

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A spinal cord injury can also be very severe and can result in paralysis. The spinal cord can be damaged directly, or it can be damaged by a blunt force.

Depending on the severity of the injury, it can require extensive surgery.

If the injury results in partial or complete paralysis, the victim will need to
undergo rehabilitation.

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Need a Concord, NC truck injury law firms plan to help with a consultation?

A top personal injury truck attorney can help you navigate through the maze of
truck accident laws and regulations.

They will also help you seek financial compensation for your losses. For
instance, if you suffered a broken
leg,  you may be able to claim
monetary damages.

Likewise, if you have lost wages due to the accident, you'll want to recover your expenses.

Wayne's story...

Wayne was a service technician who's company worked in the construction industry. Wayne liked his job and he got to help his company build some amazing structures, and the company Wayne worked for had hired him right out of college and paid him well enough he was able to
give his wife and child a pretty good life after only two years at his community college in the city where he had grown up and never really left.

One day his supervisor asked him to go to one of the job sites they were working on, one of the air intake fans needed some work done on it. As Wayne got out of his car and started walking down a path to access the building a truck belonging to the general contractor came
around a corner, and because the driver had dropped a cigarette he had been smoking he didn't see Wayne and hit him...

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Truck accidents happen in a variety of ways. One of the more common causes is a driver who fails to yield the right of way. The impact of a truck accident can be catastrophic, resulting in serious bodily harm and even death.

It's important to find a top truck accident law firm represent you. This will ensure you get the compensation you deserve. The best truck injury lawyer will be able to assess your situation and determine what type of legal action is necessary to make your case.

In general, a expert truck accident law firm will know how to prove that your accident was caused by someone else's negligence. Often, the best way to prove liability in a trucking accident is through an official report.

Wayne's story continued...

Now as bad as getting hit by a truck sounds, the truck had only clipped Wayne in the hip and right leg. But it was bad enough that they immediately called an ambulance that took him to the hospital emergency room. After the doctors had taken x-rays of Wayne's hip
and leg they found out the damage was quite substantial requiring surgery to install several pins in his leg and he would also
require several months of physical therapy...

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Truck accidents are often deadly and violent. Factors such as
the large size and weight of trucks or commercial vehicles
can make them more hazardous than normal passenger vehicles.

When smaller vehicles collide, passengers or drivers can suffer serious, life-threatening, disabling injuries. This collision can
also cause serious injuries to truck drivers.

It is vital to establish who is responsible for most truck accidents in your locality. This will enable you to know your rights and
the potential for a lawsuit.

Trucking companies. Federal Motor Carrier Safety
Administration holds all trucking companies liable
for accidents that result in injuries to their drivers.
This could happen if the truck driver is negligent
in contributing to the accident.

Wayne's story continued...

The surgery wasn't completely successful, Wayne developed a condition called regional pain syndrome in his leg. Now complex regional
pain syndrome is a fairly uncommon syndrome that we don't really know much about, and at this time there is no known cure. Sometimes
it will eventually fade with time and the symptoms do change over time, however those can get better or they can also get much worse.
For those who develop this it causes prolonged pain and inflammation, and in Wayne's case unless this goes away on it's own his
career as a construction service technician was over...

No company in the construction field would ever hire him, Wayne would have to be retrained for some other position in the company he
worked for. The only problem with that is Wayne didn't have the money to go back to college for two more years and support his family.
And the accident wasn't his company's fault, it was the general contractors problem, it was his employee who had hit Wayne and it
was a company truck he was driving so it was his insurance company who would have to take care of Wayne's medical bills, his
lost wages and compensate Wayne for his pain and suffering...

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Passenger vehicle drivers. Passenger vehicle drivers may also be responsible for the accident, in addition to being held accountable by the company or trucker. According to some data, 81% of truck crashes were caused by passengers while 37% of truck drivers are at fault.

Product manufacturers. The manufacturer of the product can be considered as a defendant in a collision. The manufacturer may be held responsible
for any malfunctions in the truck or other components of the vehicle
that caused the crash.

Many times, truck accidents involve more than one party: the truck
company, the product manufacturer, and sometimes the driver.

It is not easy to determine the cause of an accident without conducting an investigation. An attorney can help you determine the cause and identify
all potential parties.

Any truck accident lawyer on our team can help. We will be more than
happy to assist you.

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Wayne's story continued...

Now something anyone who has ever made an insurance claim knows is insurance companies love to take your money each month, but
when it comes to giving it back... They will do almost anything they can to make the claim as small as possible, including having the
person making the claim investigated.

So after Wayne had gotten out of the hospital and found out how bad his injury was and how long he might be dealing with the problems
it was going to cause with him and his family. He and his wife sat down to discuss what their options where, what they realized pretty
quickly was they had a lot of questions and not a lot of answers. So they decided to contact a lawyer who specialized in these
types of accidents...

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A truck accident could cause you to be in shock. It is crucial to inform the authorities and ensure that paramedics arrive on the scene
as soon as possible.

Always seek medical attention in these circumstances. There may
be injuries that aren't immediately obvious.

You also need police presence on the scene so that you can make
a statement that will help you file a case in the future.

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Wayne's story continued...

So Wayne's attorney sent him to an independent neurologist who specialized in complex regional pain syndrome. After Wayne's attorney got the doctor's opinion of Wayne's condition and how long it could affect his life, he also got all the other doctor's reports and although there
was no police reports on the accident because it happened on the job site Wayne's attorney did send their own investigators out there
and interviewed some of the workers who had seen what happened...

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The law is complicated, let us do for you what your not sure how
to do for yourself.

Let us deal with the lawyer stuff, you have enough to worry about.

Wayne's settlement...

After Wayne's attorney got all the information together he decided it was time to talk to the general contractor's insurance company and
see if this could be resolved without having to resort to a lawsuit. After several meetings with the lawyers for the insurance company
who decided they didn't want this to go anywhere near a courtroom. What Wayne's attorney was able to negotiate for him was all
medical bills to date and any in the future would be covered, all his attorney's fees would also be covered.

They would also cover his lost wages from the time of the accident as well as into the future until Wayne graduated with a bachelor's
degree instead of the associate's degree, he already had as well as college fees. And for Wayne's pain and suffering he would
receive a large lump sum of money that was undisclosed. Which insurance companies don't like to advertise because of the
next accident they will have to deal with. So after climbing around inside half completed buildings Wayne went back to
school, all because of a dropped cigarette...

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